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Bone marrow/stem cell transplant procedures (BMT) can cure patients with advanced cancers that do not respond to other treatments. However, the clinical application of BMT is limited by the extreme toxicity of the procedure and the requirement for a matched donor. We have developed a cell therapy drug designed to elicit the same anti-tumor effect of BMT without the associated severe toxicity and without the requirement for a matched donor.

Immunovative Therapies, Ltd. (ITL) is an Israeli biopharmaceutical company that was founded in May 2004 with financial support from the Israel Office of the Chief Scientist. ITL is a graduate of the Misgav Venture Accelerator , a member of the world renown Israel technological incubator program. The company was the Misgav Venture Accelerator’s candidate for the prize for the outstanding incubator project of 2006, awarded by the Office of the Chief Scientist. We specialize in the development of novel immunotherapy drug products that incorporate living immune cells as the active ingredients for treatment of cancer and infectious disease.

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The Company’s products are based upon “Mirror Effect™” technology (patents pending) which is designed to provide the same anti-tumor effect that has been proven to be curative in allogeneic bone marrow transplant (BMT) procedures without the lethal toxicity.